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Office house#3,

4 , sherpur street 7 at the right side from sherpur square, kabul, afghanistan.

Covid 19 Testing Center


Shafiqullah Qayoomi
author01 Neuro Surgery

Anesthesiology and ICU Specialist

Ahmad Shah Shayeq
author01 General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Obstetrics and Gyne Specialist

Roma Zwan
author01 OBS/Gyn Surgery

General Internal Medicine Specialist

Nangyalai Mohammady
author01 General Internal Medicine

General Surgery and Traumatology Specialist

Bashir Ahmad Khalil
author01 General & Laparoscopic Surgery

ENT Associate Professor

Fazel Khaliq Omari
author01 Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT) Surgery

Hormonology and Echocardiographer

Del Agha Laalzai
author01 Echocardiography

Orthopedic and Trauma Specialist

Abdul Azim Ahadi
author01 Orthopedic and Traumatology Surgery

Interventional Cardialogy Specialsit

Ahmad Khalid Suhail
author01 Interventional cardiology (Angiogrpahy, Angioplasty)

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