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4 , sherpur street 7 at the right side from sherpur square, kabul, afghanistan.

Covid 19 Testing Center


NICU is for critically ill newborns with complex needs. ZMC’s NICU is not just for premature babies or those carried through high-risk pregnancies – even full-term babies sometimes unexpectedly need a little extra support. The NICU combines advanced…

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Zwan Medical Complex Offers the following Immunization and Vaccination services: Yellow fever Rabies Typhoid Hepatitis A Cholera oral vaccination Hepatitis B DT Polio (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio) cPDT Polio (Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio)…

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Zwan Curative Private Hospital is an afghan medical company which has recently runned across the Afghanistan Zwan Medical Complex for Patient Safety and Quality aims to reduce preventable harm, improve…

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