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General Internal Medicine Department

The Zwan Medical Complex Division of General Internal Medicine (GIM) is home to a large, diverse group of individuals dedicated to our mission to provide the best care to patients and populations, educate and mentor the next generation of physicians and scientists, and improve health and healthcare through innovative research.

Services availible in ZMC department of Internal Medicine.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac, Pulmonary, Gastro-Intentinal, Diabets, Rheumatologic disease.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Kidney diseases and hemodialysis.

  • Emergency and Intensive care unit.

  • Angiogrpahy and Angioplasty

  • Skin care and disease.

We espouse the following additional GIM Values

  • Teamwork - Be collaborative.  High-functioning multidisciplinary teams create the best results for patient care, education and research.
  • Transparency - Be open and honest. Everyone deserves to start from the same place and work with the same information.
  • Balance - Nourish your mind, body and spirit. To be our best and achieve our potential we strive to be healthy and happy; this occurs most easily when we each achieve a state of balance.
  • Service Give back by paying forward. We commit ourselves to service within the institution, to our professional organizations and to our community.
  • Creativity - Think outside the box. The best solutions to the biggest problems often require imaginative, innovative thinking which involves a significant change from the current approach. We strive to be bold and are not afraid to fail sometimes.
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