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Ultrasound Department

What is ultrasound?
An ultrasound scan is a painless test that uses sound waves to make images of organs and structures inside your body. The ultrasound travels freely through fluid, but bounces back when the waves hit a more solid surface. As the waves bounce back, they create a moving picture that we can save as a video recording or as still pictures.

We get you to lie down on a bed next to our ultrasound machine. We place an ultrasound probe (special camera) on the skin over the part of your body being examined. The probe comes in different sizes depending on the type of scan we are doing. Most often it looks like a very large, thick, blunt pen. We coat your skin with a water-based gel. This helps the probe make good contact with your body and helps transmit the sound waves.

Ultrasound is used in many situations. We use it to look at abdominal and pelvic organs, the heart, blood vessels, soft tissues and the developing unborn baby (fetus). We can also use it to help guide a needle into a cyst or mass.

Who will be performing my ultrasound test?
The Zwan Medical complex's Medical Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologists) or a Radiologist (doctor specializing in medical imaging) performs your exam.

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